A bit of this, a bit of that!

A lot of thoughts going on in my mind right now, the upcoming Winter storm in our area, the Downton Abbey’s latest episode, the DIY chair project that’s been staring at me, the 4th season DVD for Game of Thrones, kids, my work, etc etc….

Yes, I am perplexed with the assortment of stuff that goes on in my mind too!

As I was watching Downton, I can’t help but be mesmerized with the simplicity or rather the mundaneness of it all. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the show. For all its stiff-English-upper-lip emotions, its staff drama, the family squabbles, the ever morose Lady Edith, the rudeness of Lady Mary, the quick witted and most-entertaining Lady Violet, Mrs. Crawley’s new romanceĀ or the mystery that’s Mr. Barrow, I find it all truly fascinating. My favorite character is Lady Violet Crawley, the Countess of Grantham. Her quick witted, timely and ever so appropriate come backs and witticisms make the show what it is for me. I was ready to burst into tears and go cold turkey on the show when last season she almost died. I was rooting for her like she was my very own grandmother! Touching….So far, this season has been somewhat slow to the uptake. Last night’s episode though made Ms Bunting look like the epitome of respectfulness towards the Grantham family members. The Grey boys and their absolutely detestable monologue on Lord Grantham’s dining table targeted at their soon-to-be-stepmom, left everyone stunned for words! Oh, how I love the show! Can’t wait to see what the next episode will bring.

Along with the cold emotions of the show, we have some seriously colder weather coming our way as well. If you know Virginians, you probably know that we don’t deal with winter well. In fact, we loathe it. A mere mention of a snowflake throws the entire VA population into a crazy spree of grocery stock-piling and a demonic dash to the gas station. Yes, if you didn’t get my drift, we don’t like winter so much. We do like the sledding and all of the fun that comes along with the snow but snow by itself, doesn’t sit well with us. And oh that accompanying cold, that’s just not acceptable.

As for my DIY project, here is the picture of the chair I scored a few weeks back. Its a beautiful mid-century modern chair that I want to paint and reupholster as an accent piece for one of the rooms. I am planning on finishing it in the next few days. Will update you all with the pic as soon as I get done. Chair

Ciao for now. Next time I will write about how torturous it is to wait for Game of Thrones 4th season to be released on DVD. I might need some sinfully chocolate chocolate cake to not let this torture completely destroy my life ; )