Spring…almost (non technically speaking)

The blackened, salt, and sand infested snow mountains are finally melting. Yay! We can actually see our yard and not just vast expanses of snow that had frozen into a level 10 skating rink ( I am assuming there is something to be said for a skating rink that is more challenging than your average rink). I can hear the birds chirping, the children outside, and happy people everywhere. I do so love Spring.

Since I last posted, my chair project hasn’t progressed all that much. I know, its pretty reprehensible and doesn’t reflect well, but all I can say in my defense is being a perfectionist does have its downfalls – procrastination and taking too long to finish a project being just a couple of them. Nice way of putting it, right? I am looking for that unique, ideal, fabric that till now is only in my head. I need to take it a step further, design it, and get it printed. If you want something unique, that’s what you have to do. Create it! There is this amazing online store by the name of Spoon Flower that does custom fabric printing and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I have tried them and the results were nothing short of exhilarating. Besides designing and getting your own fabric printed, they also have an extensive collection of fabrics for sale, designed by other artists, designers, DIY’ers, decorators, enthusiasts, like yourself.

So, I am off to creating that special print for my chair seat cushion. Also, considering my favorite Downton Abbey and Game of thrones seasons are over, I should have time for it ; ) I need to rant about those in another blog post.Chair_project

I am also attaching a picture of the chair for your viewing pleasure, after I painted it. I am obsessed with turquoise. I think it looks great and would make a statement in any room once the cushion gets the makeover as well.

What do you think? Does the color speak to you? Its been saying sweet nothings to me in its bare bones, skeletally avatar. Hang in there bud, your pal “the cushion” is not too far behind!

Until the next rant or project … Whichever happens first.


2 thoughts on “Spring…almost (non technically speaking)

  1. LOL, cute post, and beautiful chair. (I’m sure it’s perfectly content with no behinds to grace it, btw.) I love that you’re sharing links to all your cool new finds. Thanks, and I look forward to exploring!


    • Thanks Supriya. Glad you enjoyed the post. Incidentally, the chair is still in want of its cushion! Will be posting updates as soon as I have the fabric figured out! What a slacker, right?


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