A love affair with a dining table!

Sorry for being MIA for so long. We were out of the country vacationing for what felt like forever! Finally home and getting back into swing of things, as they say. Its hard to believe how much stuff can pile up when one is busy vacationing in a far away land. It was a total technology detox for me as well. Hard as it was, I had decided that I won’t be doing any blogging, FB, texting or even emailing (unless it was a life or death situation, which as I realized it never is…we create it for ourselves). It was blissful to not think about updates, posts or pictures..mine or someone else’s! But, having said that, I am happy to be back in the era of technology. Everything is good in moderation, wouldn’t you say?

Moving on, here’s something I have been meaning to share. I am so totally in love with my new dining table. For the longest time I have been obsessing about reclaimed wood and having a table that comes with an interesting story. Boy, did I find one..or rather got one made! Oh how I love to tell this story. As luck would have it, I chanced upon Bryan. He is a carpenter or rather an artist who works out of his workshop in Staunton, VA. Believe it or not, he is a 12th generation direct descendent of Mr. John Alden, who incidentally was one of the carpenters on the ship Mayflower. This just keeps getting better and better, wouldn’t you agree? The wood from our table comes from an Apple Orchard from the 1840’s. To say that the wood has a lot of character would be an understatement. It has beautiful mill marks from a sash saw, and most of the wood used in the table was part of the white pine wood joist¬†from the barn, that came from an over 300 year old tree.¬†The design I wanted was a simple straight plank table with a trestle base and Bryan suggested doing a keyed mortise and tenon joint. I did not want any wood stains so we just went with simple polyurethane. The cherry on top was Bryan’s family crest burnt into the table as his signature. Now all that is left for me to do is to put all this information down, frame it and display it in my dining area. I can imagine all the fun meals and love that would be shared on and around this unique piece of art.

My current project involves finding dining chairs that would do this beautiful table justice. The hunt is on! Stay tuned for updates on that…hopefully, coming soon.Table3

Hope you will enjoy looking at this table as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you. (please ignore the carpet…it was a place filler and a new and improved version has replaced this old thing) ; )

Ciao, until my next post.Table_2 table_base_2