Time really does Fly…believe it!

How is it that one month has passed since my last post? I had resolved to be more regular with my blog but somehow the time just flew by. I think we use the phrase “time flies” so loosely without realizing that actually, magically and unbelievably, time does beat us each time. Sigh…

Kids are back at school and the Summer camps are a thing of the past. Before my Fall Art classes start, I used whatever free time I could salvage and embarked on a new project. This one is for the kids. Its a treehouse minus the tree! Ok, so its a clubhouse as the kids call it or a backyard playhouse but why get into technical terminology when any and all of these words scream fun! My poor husband did not know what he was signing up for! It all started during the Summer vacation when the kids and I made one of our many trips to the local public library. As you have probably guessed, we are still big on actual physical books and not much for e-books. We or rather I, checked out this book titled “Housebuilding for Children” thinking it will keep kids busy and I will give them some wood pallets and scrap wood etc. to tinker around in the garage. But, no sooner had I got the book home that I realized my folly. Soon I was hearing things from the garage that sounded like “Mom, can I use the saw?”, “Mom, I want to hammer something”….oh well, that ended pretty fast. We had to take it up a notch and get some muscle power in there. Why buy something when you can make it yourself. We obviously like to make things just a wee bit difficult or lets just say challenging, for ourselves. Makes life that much more interesting. Ha. In steps Daddy..completely in the dark and not knowing what to expect. From there on started a laundry list of materials needed, construction plans, math tutorials and lot of enthusiastic neighborhood kids who wanted to help. After some hits and misses, we have a pretty decent house up. Sure its missing the roof, the window frames, the front step, the landscaping, and the interior decorations but all in good time.untitled (29) untitled (25)

Give us couple more weeks and you shall see what two amateur carpentry enthusiasts along with two little minions can accomplish with their extremely limited wood working skills but intensely high motivation to create something from a scratch.

Do you have any ideas about how we should finish the roof?


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