The Poppy Chair

It’s all about the chair. The Poppy chair.

I always get caught up in myriad projects all at once. There are a million ideas flitting about in my head and accumulating. Instead of sorting them out in the order of preference, I always end up diving head long into multiple projects. From hoarding up on surprise thrift store, yard sale finds to my DIY and makeover projects, its hard to keep up. Its tougher than it sounds. I am working on it though. One project at a time. Next up, is the completion of kids clubhouse that I blogged about last time.

As I mentioned in one of my blog posts back in February (yikes) , I scored a mid century modern chair which was just too gorgeous to pass up on. The idea was to paint it and reupholster the seat cushion. While the painting happened soon after I brought it home, the fabric for the cushion was another story. After months of procrastinating and thinking that I will design my own fabric for it, I relented and just ordered something off of Spoonflower. This most amazing website lets you design and get your own fabric printed as well as has a vast array of fabrics in every theme or color you can think of. Since I love poppies and they are so reminiscent of 50’s-60’s to me (don’t ask why..maybe the opium vibe that I get from it ), I went with a mid century modern poppy kind of print. It works perfectly.

I also had some cool mirrors that were thrift store finds which I painted and used to make a cozy, little corner for my Poppy chair. Yes, its been nicknamed “The Poppy Chair”. It commands attention and is in general quite demanding. I am attaching a picture. Let me know what you all think. I adore this new corner. Did I mention before, its all about the Chair? Even the cast of Game of Thrones would agree with me….their chair has had bloodshed follow it, while mine is pretty harmless and in general evokes feelings of creativity and happiness. So much better ; )

untitled (49)untitled (55)


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