Adventures in 5th Grade

My first born is now in his last year of elementary school. We have mixed feelings about this. The fact that next year he will be in middle school sort of hits home the fact that losing the ‘elementary” school title makes it official that he is no longer a little kid but an aspiring teenager! Whoa…where did that come from? Don’t get me wrong, 5th grade has been great. I am finally a room Mom this year. Figured that for my son’s last year at elementary school, I could do this. I have volunteered at the school and kids classrooms always but never wore the Room Mom crown. I am glad though that I committed to it this year. We get to plan the big graduation and other fun stuff for their last year of elementary school. Yay!

So, just the other day, my son sprang a surprise on me. He got off the school bus and told me he was running for President! I did a double take on that. So up until now our school has not had a student council or any student officers, so this is a wonderful, pleasant surprise. Preparation for his nomination speech has reached a crescendo and tonight we finalized on his pitch speech to get a formal nomination. If he wins that, he will be debating with the other two candidates and then the voting happens and the finale. The President shall be chosen and the Student Council will come into being. I can imagine all of us going crazy with the campaign posters if he wins the nomination. We will be all over Pinterest and our art supplies, putting our best artist skills to use. My 8 year old is so excited that she is already making flyers and posters for big brother much to his chagrin and even rallying her friends to his side : ) Little sisters are the best, aren’t they? I speak here from experience ; )

Here is a snippet of his speech. Irrespective of the outcome, I am so proud of him. He came up with the Ari_SCT_Speech
speech on his own as well as thought of the agenda all by himself.

What do you think? Would he get the nomination?

Next blog post, we will be back to the clubhouse aka the ‘non-tree’ tree house. I still owe you all the final pictures : )




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