Of Paper Flowers and other Teacher’s Gifts

Teacher’s Gifts…Ah, that mind boggling category that comes around every school year a few times annually. Thank God for Pinterest. I love it for its massive inventory of ideas and then some. We have always done handmade teacher’s gifts along with the quintessential gift cards. This year hasn’t been any different. My 11 yr. old loved making the special gift for his teacher as did my 8 yr. old, for the Valentine day, for hers. Here are pictures of some of the gift projects we DIY’d for them. Pretty sweet!

Hope you will enjoy it. Do share pictures under comments, of any DIY gifts you do for your teachers.



Crafting n then some!

Hallelujah! I am back. I know I say this with every post! Guess, some folks are just not cut out to be on top of their regular posts on social media. Case in point, yours truly. The one bright spot on that is though, that we do a lot of crafting, baking, art, writing, and teaching here at our home to compensate for our do-nothingness on social media especially blogging.

We have been busy bees and been doing a lot of artsy stuff. I did complete another painting. The kids meanwhile did more than a few, courtesy of being in my art class. They are doing great and improvising on their pencil sketching and painting skills. They have understood the basics of art pretty well and rattle off about shades, tints, neutrals, hues, values, elements of art, all in one breath. Which I think is quite an accomplishment by the way. They are also getting used to talking about various artists and their incredible art. I love that some of this is taught at the school too. I think the public schools do a great job of inculcating the love of art in children. Both my 11 yr. old son and 8 yr. old daughter adore art. Some of their favorite school projects are the ones where they could use their creativity and come up with a unique perspective on a project.

Since October (which is when I blogged last), we have been through quite a few class parties, teacher’s gifts as well as art classes at home. All of these required some sort of creative twist or two. I am sharing pictures of some of these art projects. Hope you will enjoy viewing them.

Until next time…which hopefully would be sooner than later!