The elusive tree-minus Treehouse

Yes! Our tree house aka the clubhouse is finally done! Phew…..what a ride its been. From some rough, old pallets to this tiny house. We love it.

So, I was thinking the other day that maybe the reason I got so obsessed with this project is because we have been watching “Tiny House Living” and “Tiny House Hunters” on HGTV which probably stoked my obsession with the tree house. It doesn’t help that the kids started watching “Tree House Masters” on Animal Planet & “Tree House Guys” on DIY network around the time that we started building this bitty thing. Talk about pressure from our little bosses (rolling eyes here). As they say, all’s well that ends well. We are hoping that this tiny house will be part of a whole new set of memories that the kids will create with their friends or by themselves as they sneak an indulgent snack or two and some sugar laden fruit juice or even candies to pour over some interesting books with adventure and mystery much like their own time in there.

Here are some pictures of the little house. We can’t wait to make a sweet, fragrant garden around our Tiny House come Spring : )

untitled (62) untitled (63) untitled (64)


Refresh and Re-Use

As it so happens, even though the clubhouse is done, thanks to hurricane Joaquin and all the rain it brought along with it, I have been unable to take decent pictures…sigh…I had the blog post ready en all but sans pictures it did not make sense to post it.

So, instead, I did a quick project to keep the rainy day blues away. The kids table that I had bought almost a decade back after my son was born had been staring me in the face with its little toddler pout. The baby toys are long gone along with the little toy trucks and construction kits that were the theme for the play room back then. As my daughter came along, we kept the cutesy table with its little toy trucks etc. on it since she seemed to enjoy it. But now with the kids at 8 and 10 yrs. old, their interests more along the lines of action figures, video gaming, dolls, pretend play, board games and lego, the table really was in need of growing up as well aka a makeover. I decided to do something that wouldn’t start looking childish in a few years, and would carry them through their tweenuntitled (56) untitled (57) years. And so, this is what I came up with the leftover paint. What do you think? Its settled down quite well in it’s surroundings and is commanding the room like it belongs in it.

That’s it for now. Until my next post then.

Stay creative and keep creating!

Spring…almost (non technically speaking)

The blackened, salt, and sand infested snow mountains are finally melting. Yay! We can actually see our yard and not just vast expanses of snow that had frozen into a level 10 skating rink ( I am assuming there is something to be said for a skating rink that is more challenging than your average rink). I can hear the birds chirping, the children outside, and happy people everywhere. I do so love Spring.

Since I last posted, my chair project hasn’t progressed all that much. I know, its pretty reprehensible and doesn’t reflect well, but all I can say in my defense is being a perfectionist does have its downfalls – procrastination and taking too long to finish a project being just a couple of them. Nice way of putting it, right? I am looking for that unique, ideal, fabric that till now is only in my head. I need to take it a step further, design it, and get it printed. If you want something unique, that’s what you have to do. Create it! There is this amazing online store by the name of Spoon Flower that does custom fabric printing and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I have tried them and the results were nothing short of exhilarating. Besides designing and getting your own fabric printed, they also have an extensive collection of fabrics for sale, designed by other artists, designers, DIY’ers, decorators, enthusiasts, like yourself.

So, I am off to creating that special print for my chair seat cushion. Also, considering my favorite Downton Abbey and Game of thrones seasons are over, I should have time for it ; ) I need to rant about those in another blog post.Chair_project

I am also attaching a picture of the chair for your viewing pleasure, after I painted it. I am obsessed with turquoise. I think it looks great and would make a statement in any room once the cushion gets the makeover as well.

What do you think? Does the color speak to you? Its been saying sweet nothings to me in its bare bones, skeletally avatar. Hang in there bud, your pal “the cushion” is not too far behind!

Until the next rant or project … Whichever happens first.

A bit of this, a bit of that!

A lot of thoughts going on in my mind right now, the upcoming Winter storm in our area, the Downton Abbey’s latest episode, the DIY chair project that’s been staring at me, the 4th season DVD for Game of Thrones, kids, my work, etc etc….

Yes, I am perplexed with the assortment of stuff that goes on in my mind too!

As I was watching Downton, I can’t help but be mesmerized with the simplicity or rather the mundaneness of it all. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the show. For all its stiff-English-upper-lip emotions, its staff drama, the family squabbles, the ever morose Lady Edith, the rudeness of Lady Mary, the quick witted and most-entertaining Lady Violet, Mrs. Crawley’s new romance or the mystery that’s Mr. Barrow, I find it all truly fascinating. My favorite character is Lady Violet Crawley, the Countess of Grantham. Her quick witted, timely and ever so appropriate come backs and witticisms make the show what it is for me. I was ready to burst into tears and go cold turkey on the show when last season she almost died. I was rooting for her like she was my very own grandmother! Touching….So far, this season has been somewhat slow to the uptake. Last night’s episode though made Ms Bunting look like the epitome of respectfulness towards the Grantham family members. The Grey boys and their absolutely detestable monologue on Lord Grantham’s dining table targeted at their soon-to-be-stepmom, left everyone stunned for words! Oh, how I love the show! Can’t wait to see what the next episode will bring.

Along with the cold emotions of the show, we have some seriously colder weather coming our way as well. If you know Virginians, you probably know that we don’t deal with winter well. In fact, we loathe it. A mere mention of a snowflake throws the entire VA population into a crazy spree of grocery stock-piling and a demonic dash to the gas station. Yes, if you didn’t get my drift, we don’t like winter so much. We do like the sledding and all of the fun that comes along with the snow but snow by itself, doesn’t sit well with us. And oh that accompanying cold, that’s just not acceptable.

As for my DIY project, here is the picture of the chair I scored a few weeks back. Its a beautiful mid-century modern chair that I want to paint and reupholster as an accent piece for one of the rooms. I am planning on finishing it in the next few days. Will update you all with the pic as soon as I get done. Chair

Ciao for now. Next time I will write about how torturous it is to wait for Game of Thrones 4th season to be released on DVD. I might need some sinfully chocolate chocolate cake to not let this torture completely destroy my life ; )

No Pine needles here!

untitled (113) untitled (114)

Its Christmas Eve! Yay! I am all done with gift wrapping…yes, an achievement in itself since its not even midnight yet. The Mister helped with the Santa letters and true to his style it was typed out and not handwritten. Guess, Santa needs to catch up to technology and modern times like everyone else. And here I was all these years using my not so good hand to painstakingly write letters to the kids from Santa….sigh…how is it that Dads always take the shortest route possible and still make it to the top of the kids list? Hmmm….

So, the kids have been asking me for a long time to get a Christmas tree and I have been having them make do with decorating the mantle or doing decorations around the house. Not that I have anything against the tree. I just did not want to add to my long list of things to do, even if its once a year. Knowing myself, I would be going crazy trying to outdo my own best efforts where decorating the tree was concerned. Or worst still actually killing myself to make those unique, one-of-a-kind, pinterest worthy ornaments! (Not saying that’s not going to happen still). But, tonight I caved in and just put something real quick together. My love of tree stumps and holiday lights all combined and got together to create this party on my family room wall. I love it..what do you think? Don’t mind the birthday wrapping and don’t judge or maybe do : ) Though not a tree hugger, I hate to see perfectly good wrapping paper being torn to shreds and thrown in trash so I save and recycle the paper most of the times (only exception being Christmas : ) Aren’t I generous?) or even throw in some newspaper…a bit of juicy news while unwrapping never hurt anyone ; ) I think the bits and pieces of various gift wrapping paper makes it that much more colorful and gives the “gifts under the tree” unique character. You know me, all about the unique stuff!

Can’t wait to see the kids reactions tomorrow morning. I am as excited as them for Christmas morning. Their generosity and love makes me swell with pride. My little man who is down with flu, actually took money out of his savings and wrapped that for all of us since he couldn’t get us a gift and my little Miss Feisty, got after me to take her shopping so she could spend her money buying gifts for us. (Gift of the Magi story comes to mind here). I am so proud of both of them. I wish their generosity towards everyone grows with them.

Very Merry Christmas wishes to all and a wonderful and creative 2015. Create beautiful new memories and cherish the old ones. Signing out as I need to make sure Santa makes his appearance…wink wink…downing the cookies and milk as I sign off. Lucky me!